How do I configure the 4G settings on Samsung Galaxy Note II Posted on February 23, 2013 by mobiles How do I configure the 4G settings on my Samsung Galaxy Note® II? 4G Settings Your device allows you to decide how your device connects to your wireless carrier’s network. To edit your device’s network settings, from the Home screen, touch Menu Menu key > Settings Settings Shortcut > More settings > Mobile networks. If you mark the Mobile data option, your device will connect to your carrier’s wireless data network. Touch Network mode to select the technology your device should use when connecting to your carrier’s wireless network. Select GMS/WCDMA to allow your device to connect to your carrier’s 4G data network, when it is available. Select GSM only to allow your device to connect only to your carrier’s 3G data network. hat is Mobile Hotspot and how do I use it on Samsung Galaxy Note II Posted on March 3, 2013 by mobiles What is Mobile Hotspot, and how do I use it on my Samsung Galaxy Note® II? Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot The portable Wi-Fi® hotspot feature allows you to share your mobile device’s data connection with other devices by turning your device into a wireless access point. You can connect up to ten wireless devices via Wi-Fi. Warning! Using your mobile device as a mobile access point is data-intensive and will dramatically reduce battery life. It is recommended you contact your wireless carrier and ask questions about availability with your current plan. It is also recommended you keep the device plugged in while the hotspot feature is turned on. Hotspot From the Home screen, touch Apps App Icon > Mobile HotSpot Mobile Hotspot > Mobile HotSpot. Touch the slider Slider Off to turn Mobile Hotspot on Slider On . If you are currently connected to a Wi-Fi access point, you will be disconnected from the access point before you can use the Mobile Hotspot feature. If this is the first time you are configuring Mobile Hotspot, you may be asked to define the password that your hotspot will require for connection. Note: The portable Wi-Fi hotspot icon Portable Wi-fi Hotspot Indicator is displayed at the top of your screen when the feature is active. Configure the Hotspot You can use the predefined settings or touch Configure to edit the settings. When configuring the feature, enter or edit the Network SSID, select the Security feature, enter or edit the Password (if required), and unmark Broadcast network name (SSID) to make your network invisible. You can also limit the Maximum connections to your mobile hotspot. Touch Save to continue. The mobile hotspot will turn off and turn back on with the newly configured settings. Hotspot Configure Touch Add icon next to Connected device to add the device to the allowed list. Enter a device name and touch OK. Touch the Allowed devices list to manage the devices that are allowed to connect to the mobile hotspot. Touch Back Back key to return to the previous screen. Allowed Devices Touch the hotspot name to configure the connection mode. Select Only allowed devices to limit connections to those devices defined in the Allowed devices list. Connecting to Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot Activate Wi-Fi on the device you want to connect to your mobile device. Search for your hotspot using the information shown to you on the portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings screen, and enter the necessary information. Share this: